* Experienced music, business, tech, culture, and entertainment editor and writer; regularly published in national, local, and online publications (see my clips); Currently Staff Writer at Fast Company; previously Music Editor at Billboard, Executive Editor of Wolfgang's Vault, Managing Editor of RollingStone.com

* Author of 33 1/3 book on Devo's Freedom of Choice, due May 2015; Published in Best Music Writing 2010; Co-writer of afterword to Out of the Vinyl Deeps: Ellen Willis on Rock Music, a 2011 anthology of work by the first pop critic for The New Yorker

* Skilled in online content management, social media, SEO practices, multimedia production, editorial project management and research

* Also experienced in higher education administration and planning, speech writing, curriculum writing, academic research

* Conversational in Spanish and Turkish; certified to teach English as a Foreign Language

* B.A. in Politics from Princeton University; Ed.M. from Harvard University; M.A. in Cultural Reporting and Criticism from New York University

Please email me for a PDF of my full resume.